Transform special memories into timeless art

We create stunning visuals that reflect your unique journey


Quality and Style

We work together to create photos and videos that reflect your unique style and vision. Sasha By Design delivers high-quality work that takes an event or special moment and transforms it into a work of art.


We value personal experiences and personalized products. We want your photos and videos to reflect YOU. We can follow your lead or we can provide some direction, but either way we will always prioritize your needs.

Transparent Pricing

We value clear, upfront pricing with no hidden fees. We strive to help everyone feel heard and taken care of before, during and after shooting.



  • Proposals, Engagements, Bridals & Weddings
  • Family, Pregnancy & Newborn
  • Senior, Mission & Homecoming


  • Proposals, Engagements, Bridals & Weddings
  • Homecomings (Mission, Military, etc.)


Sasha Wilkins

CEO & Founder

Sasha Rowberry’s life is a journey of discovery, growth and pursuing passions. Born in Arizona, she embraced constant change during her upbringing, fostering an appreciation for diversity. Her time in Abu Dhabi kickstarted her photography and videography journey and inspires her style today.

Engaging in various client projects, Sasha has 5+ years of experience shooting all types of photography and videography including nonprofit work all across the world. Sasha loves to help clients feel confident and empowered in front of the camera. If you’re searching for a creative professional who not only captures visuals but also brings out the best in people, Sasha is your girl.

Cody Wilkins

CFO & Founder

Cody Wilkins born and raised in American Fork, Utah, has always felt a strong connection to his local community. Cody’s journey in the world of media began in 8th grade and continued through his high school years, during which he actively led projects to create school media such as news broadcasts, magazines, yearbooks and video projects.

Between his love for media creation and feeling like “the only thing coming in the mail were wedding invitations for my friends,” it seemed like a no brainer to get involved in the memory making business.

Cody is dedicated to the art of visual storytelling and is enthusiastic about applying his skills and passion to every project.


How do I get a direct quote?

Send us a message via social media, email or phone call.

How long does it take to get a quote?

We try to respond to people within 24 hours of receiving a message! 

Do you offer both photography and videography at the same event?

Yes we do! We have multiple shooters available to meet your needs.


Where are you based?

Pleasant Grove Utah and we are open to travel! 

Do you charge travel fees?

We try to avoid it but if we are traveling an hour or more we have add a small fee to the session. 

Do you take on all types of projects?

YES! We are super open to new projects and have done all kinds events. Just let us know what you need and we will try to make it work.


What is the process of booking with you?

1 – Reach out for a quote.

2 – Confirm details and sign your contract.

3 – Hop on a call with us before the event to talk logistics. We want to understand your needs and what is important to you. 

4 – Have a fun time at your event knowing that Sasha By Design will capture your memories in the way that you want.

5 – Receive your photo and/or video album by email. 

“It was awesome working with Sasha By Design! I usually hate photos of myself but this is the most photos that I have ever liked of myself and I could not be more happy! They made my senior photos something special.”

Kylie Banks

“It was awesome to work with Sasha By Design because they are super open to my ideas. When I told them what types of photos that I wanted they made sure to give me a wide variety of poses and editing styles that aligned with my vision. They really worked with what I wanted and I love that.”

Melonie Zivic

“Sasha By Design shot my mission pictures and it was super fun. I came with some inspirational photos and they took it to the next level. They were constantly showing me the shots so that I could make sure I liked them. They worked with my budget and schedule super well.”

Whitney Wilkins

“I feel so giddy watching my wedding video from Sasha By Design! The lighting is so good and I love the frames that you choose! You have a gift and wow I got my video back so fast! Thank you so so much!”

Emma Rowley


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