About Us

Sasha Rowberry’s life is a journey of discovery, growth, and pursuing passions. Born in Arizona, she embraced constant change during her upbringing, fostering an appreciation for diversity. Her journey truly took off in Abu Dhabi, where she developed her photography and videography interests. Abu Dhabi’s diverse environment became her inspiration, helping her find her style.

Engaging in various client projects, Sasha honed her craft by capturing weddings, family events and working with nonprofits, nurturing her creativity. Sasha loves to help clients feel confident and empowered in front of the camera. Her guidance and approach helps individuals relax, resulting in authentic and captivating photos and videos that truly reflect their personality.

Currently studying marketing at Brigham Young University, Sasha continues to learn and grow with each new client. If you’re searching for a creative professional who not only captures visuals but also brings out the best in people, Sasha By Design is the one to turn to.

Cody Wilkins born and raised in American Fork, Utah, has always felt a strong connection to his local community. Cody’s journey in the world of media began in 8th grade and continued through his high school years, during which he actively led projects to create school media such as news broadcasts, magazines, yearbooks, and video projects.

Between his love for media creation and feeling like “the only thing coming in the mail were wedding invitations for my friends,” it seemed like a no brainer to get involved in the memory making business.

Cody is currently a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where he is pursuing a degree in Strategic Management. He is dedicated to the art of visual storytelling and is enthusiastic about applying his skills and passion to every project.